Our Company

Inspired Minds is an outpatient, fee for service wellness centre located in Calgary, Alberta. Our intention is to provide therapeutic support to individuals using an integrative approach, in order for them to achieve wellness, a calm mind, and improvement in their quality of life.

Our team uses a collaborative and holistic approach to address concerns. We believe in the capacity of individuals to acquire the skills and strategies that will assist them in managing life stressors or lessen the impact of the symptoms they experience. We want to empower individuals to find balance and increase their personal satisfaction.

Our treatment team consists of registered professionals who bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to provide best therapy practices to our clients. While our emphasis is on providing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, our team is trained in a variety of theoretical orientations.

Our services include comprehensive intake assessments and treatment planning, individual therapy, group therapy, workshops, yoga and meditation classes.

If you have coverage through an employers Extended Health Plan, you may be able to claim some of your treatment cost under that plan. Some plans and most health spending accounts allow you to claim these types of expenses. You may also be able to claim these costs when you file your income tax. We suggest you check with your benefits and tax professionals to verify your eligibility.