Kathleen always aspired to work with and help people on a personal level. It was while completing her bachelor’s of Psychology at Concordia University that she discovered her passion for nutrition. After receiving her master’s in Human Nutrition & Dietetics at McGill University (2019) she moved to Calgary to pursue a career in clinical nutrition. Kathleen believes in a client-centered, multicultural, and inclusive approach integrating intuitive and mindfulness practices. She views her role, in a client’s journey toward self-improvement and self-fulfillment, as being a source of continuous guidance, reassurance, and resources. Kathleen believes that nutrition-related knowledge and skills, combined with a safe and compassionate environment, helps foster positive and sustainable change. Her clinical interests include:

  • Health conditions related to the heart, digestion, and bone/joint health
  • Cancer (preventative and throughout/post treatment)
  • Alternative dietary lifestyles (Vegan/Vegetarian)
  • Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Body positivity and intuitive eating.

A trusting relationship is essential to help motivate people to adopt positive changes